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A vibrating extension and different rates, for all desires.

What else?

Be able to change the vibration intensity and cadence during use!


A tube shape and a ribbed texture, for maximum sensations.

What else?

A texture and sensations more than realistic!


Share an immersive experience with other connected users.

What else?

New sensations to share the time of a moment with our crush of the moment!


One concept, two models to plug and connect to your foldable smartphone.

On one side, a vibrating all-silicone extension with a wide range of speeds, which adapts to all your desires. A chic and discreet sextoy with golden finishes and sensual curves. The ideal toy to slip into your handbag, to satisfy all desires, anywhere and at any time.

On the other hand, a silicone tube shape and a ribbed texture for a natural experience. Vary the vibrations, pressures and cadences for optimal pleasure and sensations. A tech and discreet sextoy with gold and silver finishes, the jewel that was missing from your collection of connected objects.

Choose your toy and let your desires speak for themselves.

The Application

For a guaranteed immersive experience, connect to the Smartoys application. You will be able to exchange video directly with other connected users, anywhere in the world. Enter your half’s nickname or swipe until you find the perfect game partner, and you’re ready to experience connected sex. Take control of another toy and let yourself be guided to ecstasy 2.0. With two, three or more, the only limit is your imagination.

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